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Motion to Compel Discovery – Tax Evasion Case

I (Glenn) have not posted anything for some time, because the attorney have been consulting with Dr. Bailey intensely, and I did not want to post anything which might in any way prejudice his case.

I have not felt free to post most of the drafts so as to respect the right of the defendant to private deliberation and consultation with his counsel so necessary in such matters.

However, the Motion to Compel Discovery has now been filed and posted on the court’s public docket, so I feel I can now post it on this blog for you all to view, if you are so inclined.

You will note that the attorneys are bringing to the court’s attention many issues which should be familiar to those of you who have read much of the materials posted on this website. Some of those materials are similar to issues John Benson raised in his eBook, based upon the 40-some years of his research and summarized in his eBook, Taxation by Misrepresentation.

The attorneys have, of course, framed the issues in more modern-day court lingo in order to present their issues in a manner easily comprehended by the government, the defendant, the court, and, ultimately, by the jury.

The most interesting aspect of the case, at this stage, is the presence of several unusual features in a criminal tax defense:

  • A defendant who appears to be familiar with John’s research and who is willing to pursue it in the case;
  • Attorneys who are willing to advocate the defendant’s issues; and
  • The presence of highly technical materials from IRS records and transcripts which are woven into the fabric of the case and which, the defendant believes, will demonstrate that the IRS procedures themselves will show that he is innocent; and

This is an excellent case in which to observe how competent attorneys go about melding the computerized IRS processes with the modern IRS Internal Revenue Manual and fashion a motion under today’s rules of court and thereby frame a very powerful defense.

The Motion to Compel Discovery, as with all materials on this site, is available on a DONATION basis. All donations go directly to John and are used to rebuild his health. I do not partake of any of the donations.

On that topic, I will tell you that John is doing better, although he is not back to the condition he was in several months ago, before he spent a week in the VA hospital for what we thought might have been another heart attack. Turns out he was suffering from acute dehydration, apparently a common malady of folks who suffer from congestive heart failure.

He is doing better, and he has asked me to thank all those who have so generously supported him in the past.

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John W. Benson (1934-2014) My Mentor and Great Friend for 23 years, passed into the Eternities on July 4, 2014, the same day on which Thomas Jefferson and John Adams passed! 

Rest in Peace, my Great, Good and Innocent Friend! I will see you again, John!

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March 28, 2015, UPDATE: I have combined the four (4) latest discovery briefs of both the Defendant and the Government into one file (119 pages). It is available by clicking on the button below.

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