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Bitcoin Technology – A Modern Way out of Babylon?

FIRST: Dr. William Bailey is serving 41 months for tax evasion and is awaiting his appeal lodged before the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. I will keep you posted of any significant changes. His appeal may not be resolved until later this year (2017) or early in 2018.

SECOND: I have delved deeply into the Rabbit-hole of Bitcoin technology, have invested several thousands of my own meager funds into it, and believe that it has the potential to enable People of modest means to boot-strap themselves from poverty or near-poverty into a sustainable lifestyle. See this remarkable 37-minute video:

I have enrolled in three (3) joint-crowdfunding ventures to gather as many Bitcoin as possible and to be able to help other do likewise. “What we can’t do alone, we can do together!”

FundMyCause: the “granddaddy” of them all, I believe, and very well explained at this LINK. If you have further interest in FMC, please contact Jim Jarvis at (Cell 503-504-2943 Oregon)

[I have culled my email list of anybody who, I thought, was involved with any of these three ventures so as not to unfairly solicit individuals who are (or should be) committed to another. If I inadvertently missed removing your email, please, unsubscribe from my email list. I take very seriously the duty to act honorably in such matters!]

The Travel Party: unbelievable amount of money to be made, if it takes off like a rocket-ship. See more here: The Travel Party Again, if interested, please contact Jim Jarvis at  (Cell 503-504-2943 Oregon)

The potential stream of income from this venture is so massive as to be “unreal” to most people. FMC is for the “needy”; The Travel Party is for the “greedy.” Of that, I have no doubt!

WeGrowBitcoins: I call this venture “baby-bits,” cuz you can enroll for free and, if you like what you see, you can fund it with about ten dollars ($10). Here’s the LINK (WGB for short)

If WGB appeals to you, please email Mark Everett at (Cell 505-860-0345 New Mexico).

My brief analysis of each venture:

FMC is the “lead-horse” of Daniel Butts, the Founder, of Canada, to be followed by Bitcoin ventures (such as The Travel Party) and other ventures introduced to span the range of needs for those interested in gathering substantial Bitcoin portfolios over the coming years.

WGB, or “baby-bits,” is ideally suited to the “super-needy” or those who just wanna put their toes in the Bitcoin waters, to see if they wanna swim with the bigger players.

There’s money to be made in all three programs. However, it takes quite a few members to generate the top-Bitcoin numbers you may see in the videos or explanations.

So, simple logic will tell you that WGB (“baby-bits”) (currently about $10 entry) may initially appeal to more people than FMC ($50) and The Travel Party ($275). However, WGB may provide a stepping-stone to bigger returns in the two other ventures. I see a place for all three venture

Apples and Oranges comparison:

If you max out the potential of each venture (and most won’t), here’s the potential:

                   Bitcoin per month                      Members required to receive Max Bitcoin

WGB:                           62                                                                   19,530

FMC                             82                                                                     8,190

Travel Party        1,150  (No, that’s not a misprint)                     88,572

The Questions One must Ponder:

Is Bitcoin here to stay? I think “Yes” or something built on the Bitcoin architecture.

Does it have the chance to increase my financial privacy? It certainly is more private than giving all your personal, identifying information to every merchant we are forced to deal with.

Will it enhance my financial security? I have no crystal ball; I cannot provide any authoritative data on that question. I, myself, have risked about $1,200, spread between the three ventures: about $800 in Travel Party, $300 in FMC and $100 in WGB (“baby-bits”). I have recovered it all and am in profit in all three ventures.

In addition, I have invested some $10,000 in Bitcoin direct, not via any venture; merely as a place to park my savings.

I’ve “covered the field”!! I don’t know which or if any of these ventures will endure. I’m pretty sure the Bitcoin architecture will remain viable over the next 25-50 years. The powers that be have almost always missed the radical changes in technology.

I believe the Bitcoin technology will radically change the world for the better and will do it in the twinkling of an eye!

I turn 77 years old on Sunday, February 19, 2017. I am as excited as a 5-year old kid on Christmas morning, eager to open the packages Santa has left under the Christmas tree.

I see kids and families in isolated villages of the world, armed with a cellphone and a solar panel getting hooked up to the rest of humanity via Bitcoin technology.

I see some enterprising youngster or oldster (like me) who is still a “kid at heart” joining a Bitcoin venture and asking people around the world, via his or her solar-powered cellphone, to fund his or her village peer-to-peer, so that the village can have clean water, that they can buy petrol to drive their sick and dying to the city for the care needed, so that the young men and young women will not be forced to forsake their tribal grounds to earn money in the cities and send half of what they earn to support the elders and infants left behind.

I believe that, if some individual in such isolated circumstances called for help in raising Bitcoin for such needs, and do it via one of these three ventures or one similar to them, every individual on my email list (over 1300) would enroll in order to help that village and its people immediately. I have no real, effective means of doing that alone. However, an army of “Bitcoiners” can do together what none of us alone is able to do.

I see millions, perhaps billions, of People eventually connecting with one another, peer-to-peer, without asking permission of their governments, without providing the “number of the beast” to earn their daily bread, and without applying for a license to do business.

Bitcoin technology is so powerful that it will ultimately change the lives of every man, woman and child upon the face of the Earth!

I hope you will permit me to provide you with an extensive quote from Andreas Antonopoulos, The Internet of Money, about Bitcoin. He “speaks to my heart!” Perhaps he will speak to yours, as well!

The Dangers of Automobiles, Electricity, and Bitcoin

Do you know what the media said about the early automobile? They ridiculed cars. They mocked cars. Cars were slower than horses. Cars broke down all the time. Cars needed expensive gasoline that you couldn’t find anywhere. They required enormous amounts of infrastructure to work. The media focused on the part of the story that sold the most papers: car accidents, pedestrians mangled by cars.

For more than two decades from the first cars, the story was that of infernal, disgusting, dirty, noisy machines that were far inferior to horses, that couldn’t go anywhere, that only weirdos would use, and that, most of the time, killed the occupants and everyone who came anywhere near them. This hysteria got so bad that in 1865 in the UK, they passed a law called the Red Flag Act.

The Red Flag Act required that any operator of a vehicle have three crew members on staff: a driver, an engineer, and a flagman. The driver would operate the vehicle, the engineer would supervise that operation (think railroads), and the flagman would carry a red flag and run 100 yards ahead of the car to warn pedestrians of the imminent arrival of an infernal death machine that was going to mow them down. Guess what happened to the UK? They lost the automobile-industry race because they saw that technology and, instead of seeing potential, they allowed fear to define their reaction. They created an environment where a car could not do the things that a car can do. If you make a car go as slow as the pedestrian who’s running ahead of it with a red flag, you lose all of the advantages of a car. If a car requires a three-person crew to operate, you lose the advantages of a car. They tried to take the car and understand it from the perspective of railroads and horses. They failed. They lost the race.

What you didn’t see in this video is that until that time, they were winning. The first really practical cars were built in England. They had already won the race in the Industrial Revolution with the steam engine. At that time, England was a powerhouse of industrial innovation. They were winning, until they decided that this dirty machine should be confined to a very limited space and set of rules. They killed the goose. No more golden eggs for them.

That is instructive because this happens again and again in technology.

When electricity was first domesticated and people started electrifying their homes, do you think the media announced, “This is brilliant! Edison’s a genius! This is going to change the world!”?

No. What they said was that this was dangerous technology that would burn down people’s homes. They ran story after story after story about people getting electrocuted, about homes burning down. Of course, you couldn’t really use electricity because it required a complete overhaul of your house. You had to put wires in your house, the wires that would burn it down. You’d have to buy special devices to connect to these wires, just before your house burned down. Only the rich could afford it.

Clearly, this was a technology that was just an affectation of the rich. It was just a plaything with no practical value. The mayor of Paris, during the World’s Fair of 1900, said, “After the fair is over, this fad of electricity will be forgotten as quickly as the lights turn off.”

Famous last words are very common in technology, words that in retrospect look ridiculous.

Like the head of IBM who once said, “I foresee a need for no more than five computers worldwide.” Like the people who said that the telephone would never succeed.

Can you guess what people are saying about bitcoin? They’re telling you that it is a technology that is weird and complicated. A technology that caters to misfits, drug dealers, degenerates, pornographers, terrorists, thieves, swindlers. . . . Of course, they’re wrong. Bitcoin is none of those things.

Bitcoin is simply a technology. As a technology, often the first use it finds is in the hands of criminals. The first cars were used as getaway vehicles. The first telephones were used to plot conspiracy. The first telegrams were used to run long-distance mail-fraud schemes and Ponzi schemes. The first forms of electricity were used to run medical hoaxes and scam people. These things always happen with a new technology, and they happen with bitcoin, too.

Why do you think criminals use technology like that? We could be moralistic about it and look at the actual reasons. Criminals use the most cutting-edge technology because they operate in an environment with very high profit margins and very high risk. In that environment, competition is fierce. Using the latest technology if you’re already taking enormous risks isn’t that big of a deal. And if you win, it gives you an enormous advantage. Throughout history, the most amazing technology is adopted by criminals first. I don’t think that’s necessarily what we want to put on the bitcoin marketing plan, but it’s interesting to look at what criminals do and how that ends up being mainstream technology a decade later. There’s a certain dynamic there.

Bitcoin is already way past its early stage and is no longer the purview of criminals. In fact, arguably it really wasn’t in the first place, despite what the media said. Now, bitcoin is hitting the mainstream and things are changing very rapidly. Today I’m going to talk about bitcoin as a technology because something very exciting is happening. Something is going to shake up our financial and banking system as much as cars shook up the horse industry, as much as oil shook up the whaling industry, as much as electricity shook up the wood stove industry. Banking is about to be disrupted. Arguably, it’s already being disrupted. In fact, by the time they figure out how serious this destruction already is, the game’s already over. That’s usually the case.

Start reading this book for free:



Bitcoin Will Change the World

To sum up, Bitcoin is the most exciting technology I have seen.

I was on the internet in 1989 as a young kid. I knew it was going to change the world long before most people figured it out. I told everyone around me, “We’re going to be shopping on this. We’re going to do banking on this thing.” People’s reactions were quite predictable: “Yeah, Andreas, go do your homework, clean up your room.”

When I first saw Linux, I said, “Man, this is going to change operating systems forever. IBM is going down.” Everybody laughed at me. When I saw the first web browser and the first website, I said, “Every single company in America is going to have a website within a decade.” Everyone laughed at me. Well, let me tell you something. I don’t know what’s going to happen with bitcoin, but I do know that the underlying invention — a system of digital currencies that has no banks, no governments, no central control and is available for anyone to use without asking permission — will change the world. Thank you.

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Glenn Ambort

Glenn Ambort on Al Adask Radio Show

Al Adask has invited me as his guest on his radio show, today, August 4th, 2015.

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*I started studying law after my divorce in A.D. 1983. I’ve been involved in legal reform issues for 32 years.

* One thing led to another and I started publishing the “AntiShyster” news magazine in A.D. 1990.

*In A.D. 1992, I ran for the Texas Supreme Court (which is supposed to be illegal and received 201,000 votes).

*I continued to publish until A.D. 2002 when I was arrested without warrant and extradited without warrant based on two alleged felony counts of non-support of a child. The allegations were fraudulent. I was never actually charged with a crime. I was held for 344 days in a Level-5 Maximum Security Jail and then released.

*The IRS has come after me twice (A.D. 1991 & A.D. 2008). I stopped them both times with the grace of God and a couple of letters filled with relevant questions.

*The Dallas Bar Association came after me for Unauthorized Practice of Law back about A.D. 2000. I stopped them with the grace of God and an eleven-page letter filled with questions.

*In A.D. 2006, I was added as the last of seven defendants in case that started in A.D. 2001 and was based on the manufacture and distribution of a controlled substance (colloidal silver) and prosecuted by the Texas Attorney General. The first three defendants had spent $160,000 on one of Texas’ better law firms to defend them and achieved nothing. Each defendant (including me) was individually threatened with fines of $25,000/day ($9 million/year). I read the relevant law concerning the definitions of “drugs” in both the Texas and federal statutes and realized, with the grace of our Father YHWH ha Elohiym, that the drug laws only applied to animals.     I drafted a freedom of religion defense arguing that I cannot be an “animal” since I am a “man made in God’s image and given dominion over the animals” as per Genesis 1:26-28. The Texas AG, after investing six years and nearly $500,000 in pre-trial investigations and pre-trial hearings, dropped the case.

* I currently co-host two radio shows (American Independence Hour Tuesday nights from 8PM to 10PM Central; and, Financial Survival, Mon-Fri., 3PM to 4PM central.

If you want to read about the Motion to Dismiss based upon the IRS’s False-Return Scheme, filed in the Tax Evasion case, click HERE

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Eight Tax Myths

by Professor Bryan Camp, the George H. Mahon Professor of Law at Texas Tech School of Law. Bryan is a prolific and engaging writer who formerly worked at the Office of Chief Counsel, IRS!

You particularly want to read Item #8, to discover how computers have taken over the IRS.

Originally appeared on

Click here to read the entire article: Eight Tax Myths


Update on Discovery Hearing

Update on Discovery Hearing

The first actual hearing on discovery in the tax evasion case was held on Thursday, March 26, 2015. I spoke with an individual who attended the hearing, and here is what I gleaned from that conversation:

  • The hearing was mostly about discovery of the Master File Source Code, which the judge denied, at this stage of the proceedings;
  • The judge left the door open to additional specific discovery requests based on the discovery which the Defense has already received, including those items provided by the Government at the hearing;
  • The Government provided some additional items of discovery;
  • The Government offered to set up an appointment with the Defense to go over all the discovery which it has already provided, in order to help the Defense locate specific items which the Defense claims not to have received; and
  • A status hearing was scheduled for May 29, 2015.

Discovery Briefs

I have combined the last four discovery briefs of both the Government and the Defense into a single file, a total of 119 pages. The Government actually included a copy of some of the materials on this website in its latest brief with the court.

In its last brief, the Government included, as an Exhibit, a picture of this very website and informed the Court that many of us were watching this case very closely.

The Sixth Amendment reads, in part: “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial.” In today’s electronic world, many people choose to follow such “public trials” via the Internet. I shall do my best to keep you informed of the proceedings in this trial, as it appears to be following a course of events which I have never seen before in any criminal tax prosecution.

The briefs are available directly from the court for electronic download if you have a PACER account. I think the rate is 10 cents per page.

You may also download all 119 pages on a DONATION basis, by clicking on the button below.

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Supplemental Discovery Motion – Tax Evasion Case

The Supplemental Discovery Motion for the Tax Evasion Case in San Diego, was filed on Saturday, February 14, 2015.

The main focus of this Motion was to identify to the Court, in easily-understood concepts and language, why the Court should ORDER the IRS to produce the source code (computer program) used to generate the Individual Master File and TXMODA transcripts used by the IRS to generate deficiency proceedings which lead to assessment and collection of income taxes.

For those familiar with the work of John Benson and Michael Ellis, you will see how the research of both men contributed so importantly to the essence of the Motion.

If the Court orders the Government to produce the source code and its accompanying system documentation, the Defense will be afforded a view into the actual computerized means by which the IRS uses false and fictional entries into its Master File computers to make it appear to the courts, the legal profession and the public that those who do not file returns actually did file returns.

The Combined Discovery Motions are available on a DONATION basis by clicking on the button below.

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Reply to IRS Claim: You Are Required to File Form 1040

IRS Claims that Most Americans

are required to file Form 1040.

Is that necessarily the truth?

In December 2013, an individual, we’ll call him Joe, received a CP59 Notice or Letter from the IRS asking him why he had not filed a tax return for the year 2012.

Joe sent an answer to the IRS Chief Counsel, copy to the local Revenue Officer. The Revenue Officer replied, stating, in relevant part, the following:

This letter is sent in response to your letter to me dated 12/31/2013 titled “request for Determination of Tax-Filing Status for the year 2012.” In the letter you state several times you would like to know if you are required to file a Form 1040 tax return for the year 2012 given that you earned in excess of $ __________ during that year. To answer your question, yes you are required to file a Form 1040 for the tax year 2012 and pay any tax due as a consequence of the earned income. If you do not file a return for this, or any other year where you had taxable income, IRS may file a return on your behalf.

Joe then sent a letter in response to the Revenue Officer. Here is what Joe said about the letter which he (Joe) sent back to the Revenue Officer:

I can’t tell you the kind of satisfaction I feel when mailing such a response to these criminal dolts.

It’s what I tried to do w/every past letter.

Unfortunately, I’m not any good at the power-game.

Here is what I wrote back to Joe:

1. You’re agreeing to follow his advice, with reasonable, court-required conditions;

2. You’re polite in your language, so as not to stoke his ire;

3. You do not employ any frivolous issues;

4. You return your answer timely;

5. You invite a reasonable reply from him;

6. You ask for information required by the Merrill Court;

7. You ask for information which he is required to produce;

8. yet will not be able to produce;

9. You have a very nice paper-trail for a judge and a jury, should it come to that, which will appear to them as reasonable;

10. Information which, if not produced now and will not be able to be produced at trial, will weigh powerfully in your favor;

11. All w/o arguing the law in any way, except, of course, for your good-faith attempt to comply with the Merrill Court’s admonition.

For any who receive a CP59 Notice/Letter from the IRS or a response, such as Joe received, you may want to look at the reply Joe sent to the Revenue Officer.

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John W. Benson (1934-2014) My Mentor and Best Friend for 23 years. Passed into the Eternities on July 4, 2014, the same day on which Thomas Jefferson and John Adams passed! 

Rest in Peace, my Great, Good and Innocent Friend! I will see you again!

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Response to IRS Confirmatory Writing – CP59 Notice

Here is how the IRS explains the CP59 Notice it sends out to nonfilers:

Understanding your CP59 Notice

We sent you this notice because we have no record that you filed your prior personal tax return or returns.

What you need to do

File your personal tax return immediately or explain to us why you don’t need to file.

I have drafted a response that an individual used who had obtained from the IRS his Individual Master File (IMF) transcript records.

If you decide that a similar response is appropriate in your case, you will also want to obtain a copy of your IMF transcripts and read the post on this site named “IRS Fraud Used to Enter Substitute for Return against Non-Filers.”

That post will explain how the IRS “doctors” their records to make it appear that nonfilers have, in fact, filed Form 1040A with the IRS.

Form 1040A is a tax return agreeing to liability to the income taxes and permitting the IRS to calculate the amount of that liability without the nonfiler actually doing the computation.

As a result, ALL income taxes appear within the IRS’s computer databases to have been filed voluntarily: (a) those who actually filed voluntarily; and (b) those nonfilers who are made to appear to have filed Form 1040A “consent” returns.

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John W. Benson (1934-2014) My Mentor and Best Friend for 23 years. Passed into the Eternities on July 4, 2014, the same day on which Thomas Jefferson and John Adams passed!

Rest in Peace, my Great, Good and Innocent Friend! I will see you again!

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