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Law of the Exchequer ~ George Price (1830)

Law of the Exchequer – George Price – 1830 – 815 pp

Click the LINK above and the PDF searchable version of the book will appear. Best book on the Exchequer processes, in my opinion, as well as in the opinion of John W. Benson (RIP), my Mentor of nearly 25 years.

Karatbars will Free you from the New World Order


Karatbars: Freedom Regained “1 Gram of GOLD @ Time!”

Hello, my name is Roger Sayles. Several years ago, I authored From Sovereign to Serf: Government by the Treachery and Deception of Words,  a book in which I exposed what has been done by those in power to bring the great American Dream to its knees.  Copies of the book and the 27 minute video I did for Ed Snowden (concerning Ed’s U.S. Passport) can be foundHERE. My 23 years of political research were done hand-in-hand with my in-depth study of the history of our present financial system.  Early on in my studies, I came to understand the importance of GOLD and precious metals in our lives, our families’ futures and in their well-being. I also noted the importance of GOLD in the scheme used by the New World Order (NWO) to dominate, control and enslave all the peoples of the world. In late April 2014, a good friend of many years called and asked if I’d ever heard of Karatbars, a German company which had been selling monetary-grade GOLD throughout the world for five years.  I had not.  He sent some information, and it grabbed my attention immediately, NOT primarily because of the financial or monetary gain available, but because of the power behind the concept on which this company was created and on which it operates today.Karatbars sells ‘gold-by-the gram.’  It offers 1, 2.5 & 5 grams ‘cards’ with monetary-grade GOLD actually embedded ‘in’ the card.  You can find a great deal of additional information on the company and its unique concept HERE.

Several aspects of this endeavor ‘really’ excited me:

  • After looking into the company, I quickly realized that for the very first time, to my knowledge, we had a way to collectively fight our traditional enemy, the NWO, by attacking the ‘Tap Root’ of its power – the paper financial system.  The control of the financial system by the leaders of the NWO has allowed them to gain the political control to which we are all subjected.  The results are obvious to all who dare to open their eyes.
  • Every time rapidly-depreciating paper currency is exchanged for grams of gold, our traditional enemy is weakened.  Karatbars takes the currency, exchanges it for gold, then ‘dumps the paper back’ on the rapidly-depreciating pile of paper currencies, weakening them even more! THAT single act gives us financial power, collectively, working as a team, to weaken and, eventually, to topple the NWO.
  • Secondly, I realized, after 23 years of ‘tough sledding’ trying to find people who were even interested in the political findings put forth in my book, that Karatbars offered an easier way to get the message of my book to a much bigger audience!  You see, because everyone is concerned about their pocketbook, there will be many, MANY people who will be getting actively involved in Karatbars in the coming weeks, months and years.
  • Now, they can much more easily be exposed to the political shenanigans that have been pulled on the American people!  So, the success of Karatbars will enable us to spread the political facts and truth contained in From Sovereign to Serf FAR more easily and widely than before.  Ultimately, my research will reach many more people who have been prepared for the message because their study of the concepts behindKaratbars will now enable them to be more aware of the financial shenanigans which have been put over on them!
  • I immediately recognized that this small, relatively unknown German GOLD company could really help further my 23-year ‘mission’ of attempting to show and prove to Americans ‘exactly’ what has been done to them.

What I call “The Big Picture” of Karatbars is this: PRIVACY!  What Karatbars really offers us is an opportunity for privacy in our financial affairs.  You see, once you’re involved, you literally have your own PRIVATE banking system!  Yes, you can move funds in your free eWallet to any other Karatbar Member in the world with complete PRIVACY!   Once you’ve earned 35 euros in commissions, Karatbars will issue you an International Debit Card (by Master Card) into which your future commissions will be paid.  When you use the card, NO BANK sees your purchases!  Your transactions are completely PRIVATE!  Think of it: a worldwide GOLD exchange with complete PRIVACY!

A Private Vault Filled with GOLD

In addition, Karatbars offers an exceptional, but optional, opportunity for personal financial independence for those who share Karatbars vision of the future.  How much you want to earn is totally in your control!  The company pays up to 85% of its profits to those willing to help spread its vision to the world. Currently, in 122 countries around the world, there are only approximately 155,000 Karatbar Affiliates!  With literally billions of people eligible to become involved, the present number of Affiliates is but an ultra-small percentage of those who will be enrolling to help spread the “Karatbar vision” over the coming weeks, months and years.  How many of those potential billions of people would you like on your team?

Learn, Do, Share

If you will devote the time and energy required to absorb the information presented here in written and video form, I can assure you that you will LEARN in a relatively short amount of time what took me almost 23 years to absorb over countless hours and at great expense. If, after absorbing this material, you then think that this is something that makes sense for you to DO, please leave your name and contact information in the form below. We will contact you, send you more information if needed and/or answer any questions you may have. I urge you in the strongest of terms to seriously look into this fantastic opportunity.  In my honest opinion, opportunities like this only cross a person’s path once, maybe twice if you’re ‘lucky’, in a lifetime…

Karatbars gives you an opportunity to LEARN what the NWO is doing, DO something about it, SHARE the Karatbars Vision, REGAIN your freedom from the tyranny of the NWO!

Karatbars, changing the World’s marketplace, 1 gram @ time………

Glenn Ambort

LEARN 140 Years Of Monetary History In 10 Minutes – Mike Maloney

CATCH the Karatbars Vision (5 mins) 

Karatbars pricing comparisons (11 mins)

How Much Will Your Retirement Account be Worth when You Need it?

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 Has your time to be free arrived?

If so, send us your contact info and we will show you the way!

Roger Starbuck – IMF Decoder of 14 years

CLICK on the LINKS  below to review regulations to be discussed by Roger Starbuck on Glenn’s radio show.

26 CFR § 601.104 – COLLECTION FUNCTIONS (“Returns must be made on the forms prescribed by the Internal Revenue Service.”)

26 CFR § 602.101 – OMB CONTROL NUMBERS (“This part collects and displays the control numbers assigned to collections of information in Internal Revenue Service regulations by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) under the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1980.”)

5 CFR § 1320.6 – PUBLIC PROTECTION (“Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no person shall be subject to any penalty for failing to comply with a collection of information that is subject to the requirements of this part if: . . .”)

Roger Starbuck: can be reached at:


Testimony of Dwight E. Davis, Head of Alcohol & Tobacco Tax Division, IRS

Testimony of Dwight E. Avis, Head of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Division of the Bureau of Internal Revenue

“Income Tax is 100% Voluntary”

Given before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Ways and Means, House of Representatives, Internal Revenue Investigation, dated Tuesday, February 3, 1953, page 13:

Let me point this out now. Your income tax is 100 percent voluntary tax, and your liquor tax is 100 percent enforced tax. Now the situation is as different as day and night. Consequently, your same rules just will not apply.

Dwight Avis Testimony

(click to view) (see p. 13, first statement by Mr. Avis)

Reply to IRS Claim: You Are Required to File Form 1040

IRS Claims that Most Americans

are required to file Form 1040.

Is that necessarily the truth?

In December 2013, an individual, we’ll call him Joe, received a CP59 Notice or Letter from the IRS asking him why he had not filed a tax return for the year 2012.

Joe sent an answer to the IRS Chief Counsel, copy to the local Revenue Officer. The Revenue Officer replied, stating, in relevant part, the following:

This letter is sent in response to your letter to me dated 12/31/2013 titled “request for Determination of Tax-Filing Status for the year 2012.” In the letter you state several times you would like to know if you are required to file a Form 1040 tax return for the year 2012 given that you earned in excess of $ __________ during that year. To answer your question, yes you are required to file a Form 1040 for the tax year 2012 and pay any tax due as a consequence of the earned income. If you do not file a return for this, or any other year where you had taxable income, IRS may file a return on your behalf.

Joe then sent a letter in response to the Revenue Officer. Here is what Joe said about the letter which he (Joe) sent back to the Revenue Officer:

I can’t tell you the kind of satisfaction I feel when mailing such a response to these criminal dolts.

It’s what I tried to do w/every past letter.

Unfortunately, I’m not any good at the power-game.

Here is what I wrote back to Joe:

1. You’re agreeing to follow his advice, with reasonable, court-required conditions;

2. You’re polite in your language, so as not to stoke his ire;

3. You do not employ any frivolous issues;

4. You return your answer timely;

5. You invite a reasonable reply from him;

6. You ask for information required by the Merrill Court;

7. You ask for information which he is required to produce;

8. yet will not be able to produce;

9. You have a very nice paper-trail for a judge and a jury, should it come to that, which will appear to them as reasonable;

10. Information which, if not produced now and will not be able to be produced at trial, will weigh powerfully in your favor;

11. All w/o arguing the law in any way, except, of course, for your good-faith attempt to comply with the Merrill Court’s admonition.

For any who receive a CP59 Notice/Letter from the IRS or a response, such as Joe received, you may want to look at the reply Joe sent to the Revenue Officer.

As always, Donate if you choose to, or edit the suggested price to anything you like, up or down, zero to the moon, after you click on the “add to cart button”. We want everyone to have access to all our research.

All proceeds go toward furthering John Benson’s life’s work.

John W. Benson (1934-2014) My Mentor and Best Friend for 23 years. Passed into the Eternities on July 4, 2014, the same day on which Thomas Jefferson and John Adams passed! 

Rest in Peace, my Great, Good and Innocent Friend! I will see you again!

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Response to IRS Confirmatory Writing – CP59 Notice

Here is how the IRS explains the CP59 Notice it sends out to nonfilers:

Understanding your CP59 Notice

We sent you this notice because we have no record that you filed your prior personal tax return or returns.

What you need to do

File your personal tax return immediately or explain to us why you don’t need to file.

I have drafted a response that an individual used who had obtained from the IRS his Individual Master File (IMF) transcript records.

If you decide that a similar response is appropriate in your case, you will also want to obtain a copy of your IMF transcripts and read the post on this site named “IRS Fraud Used to Enter Substitute for Return against Non-Filers.”

That post will explain how the IRS “doctors” their records to make it appear that nonfilers have, in fact, filed Form 1040A with the IRS.

Form 1040A is a tax return agreeing to liability to the income taxes and permitting the IRS to calculate the amount of that liability without the nonfiler actually doing the computation.

As a result, ALL income taxes appear within the IRS’s computer databases to have been filed voluntarily: (a) those who actually filed voluntarily; and (b) those nonfilers who are made to appear to have filed Form 1040A “consent” returns.

As per usual, you may donate the suggested price ($5.00, or more, if you care to) by clicking on the “add to cart” button below or obtain it free by editing the suggested price after clicking on the “add to cart”, updating the cart, then checking out.

All proceeds go to further the work of John W. Benson.

John W. Benson (1934-2014) My Mentor and Best Friend for 23 years. Passed into the Eternities on July 4, 2014, the same day on which Thomas Jefferson and John Adams passed!

Rest in Peace, my Great, Good and Innocent Friend! I will see you again!

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Motion to Compel Discovery – Tax Evasion Case

I (Glenn) have not posted anything for some time, because the attorney have been consulting with Dr. Bailey intensely, and I did not want to post anything which might in any way prejudice his case.

I have not felt free to post most of the drafts so as to respect the right of the defendant to private deliberation and consultation with his counsel so necessary in such matters.

However, the Motion to Compel Discovery has now been filed and posted on the court’s public docket, so I feel I can now post it on this blog for you all to view, if you are so inclined.

You will note that the attorneys are bringing to the court’s attention many issues which should be familiar to those of you who have read much of the materials posted on this website. Some of those materials are similar to issues John Benson raised in his eBook, based upon the 40-some years of his research and summarized in his eBook, Taxation by Misrepresentation.

The attorneys have, of course, framed the issues in more modern-day court lingo in order to present their issues in a manner easily comprehended by the government, the defendant, the court, and, ultimately, by the jury.

The most interesting aspect of the case, at this stage, is the presence of several unusual features in a criminal tax defense:

  • A defendant who appears to be familiar with John’s research and who is willing to pursue it in the case;
  • Attorneys who are willing to advocate the defendant’s issues; and
  • The presence of highly technical materials from IRS records and transcripts which are woven into the fabric of the case and which, the defendant believes, will demonstrate that the IRS procedures themselves will show that he is innocent; and

This is an excellent case in which to observe how competent attorneys go about melding the computerized IRS processes with the modern IRS Internal Revenue Manual and fashion a motion under today’s rules of court and thereby frame a very powerful defense.

The Motion to Compel Discovery, as with all materials on this site, is available on a DONATION basis. All donations go directly to John and are used to rebuild his health. I do not partake of any of the donations.

On that topic, I will tell you that John is doing better, although he is not back to the condition he was in several months ago, before he spent a week in the VA hospital for what we thought might have been another heart attack. Turns out he was suffering from acute dehydration, apparently a common malady of folks who suffer from congestive heart failure.

He is doing better, and he has asked me to thank all those who have so generously supported him in the past.

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John W. Benson (1934-2014) My Mentor and Great Friend for 23 years, passed into the Eternities on July 4, 2014, the same day on which Thomas Jefferson and John Adams passed! 

Rest in Peace, my Great, Good and Innocent Friend! I will see you again, John!

All proceeds will go toward furthering John’s great research!

March 28, 2015, UPDATE: I have combined the four (4) latest discovery briefs of both the Defendant and the Government into one file (119 pages). It is available by clicking on the button below.

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